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Where Knowledge & Ancestral Wisdom Meet


Waosanęgo is my traditional name, meaning "Floating Name". It is a name dreamt by my Grandmother and is reflective of my nature.I have always carried a care-free attitude in life; able to go with the flow. I use these gifts to engage with different environments and create meaningful, safe spaces.


I am a Seneca Bear Clan woman from Six Nations of the Grand River. I carry a diverse background in education, sociology, business, and healing and wellness. This combination of skills and expertise assists me in creating opportunities for people to decolonize their minds.  This includes work within organizations, staff and individuals. A strong advocate for allyship, I create an inclusive environment and incorporate Haudenosaunee values into my work. This foundation facilitates positive dialogue & education. I am also an author with two self-published books. A creative non-fiction book entitled "Beyond the Leaf’s Thickness" and a second book, a collection of poems entitled "Letting Yourself Be Free." The second can be purachased here: Amazon Link

Manny Machado

Business Development, LifeWise

I have had the pleasure of learning from Michelle for over 12 years. She is incredibly gifted and well connected to the spirit world. She has helped me with healing work, ultimately guiding many important life decisions. I am grateful to have met Michelle and to have benefited from her teachings.

Roxanne Manitowabi

Executive Director, ONECA

Michelle brings together traditional knowledge, breathing techniques, and meditation.  You leave her session feeling grounded and more alive!  Everyone needs to experience this! Miigwetch.

Kawnnakon Bonnie Whitlow

Indigenous Special Projects Officer,
The Office of Indigenous Initiatives WLU
Michelle Thomas and Universal Energy is my go to. Michelle is the first recommendation I share with anyone and everyone asking for safe space to begin their healing journey.


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